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grudge girl

Oh dear. What does it say about me that I am both a CC and a PWKTSIBFY?

After I took the Meyers Briggs Personality Inventory, otherwise known as the big-ass ridiculous test, I discovered that I was totally evenly split between Introvert/Extrovert, and all the other categories. This is of no help to anyone, apparently, neither therapist or therapee.

I think you've brilliantly hit upon the crux of the problem.


Those Meyers-Briggs things are pretty much a sham I think. Or so I vaguely remember from a New Yorker article I read last year.

I'm a total PWKTSIBFY and oh, how I envy the Coupon Clppers. But I think a combination would be perfect! If I could be anything, I'd probably be a combination.

Maybe the reason you end up in the middle is that you are perfectly balanced.


I am a total PWKTSIBFY, but also a conservative. (gasp!) A truly rare duck, although some would probably say I'm just confused. And yes, I do wonder if I am still supposed to save the world.


This is BRILLIANT! Brilliant.

Hmm, I must fit into one of these categories if there are only two--- have never clipped a coupon in my life, and yet-- keeping things in boxes in the kitchen, not so much.

I think I fall into the kitchen category, however-- due to that vague sense of guilt that is always with me.


I am decidedly of the latter camp as well. But we're not alone: have you read The Onion this week?


Roo--It's like when they discuss the horrible economic effects of the flu or carpal tunnel syndrome. Apparently, being disorganized costs our nation BILLIONS each year.

grudge girl

HA! I wish!


Meghann- Your site is funny. You can't comment without joining blogger and you can't email either...Oh, mysterious woman!

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