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I was never cool. People might have feared my reflexive bitchiness that I thought was saving me from being hurt, but never cool. Still, again, I never saw the problem with same sex couples, either. Sing it sister!


But you are cool NOW so that's better, hey?

I'm actually looking back on this time. It was 7 or so years ago and it's all fuzzy. What I'm trying to figure out is how I had friends then and how I made them. What was that about, that friends thing? How did I make all these friends? How did I manage to keep them--at least for a time?

Is that just a 20's thing?

That's how uncool I am!


Classmates used to call me a dyke when I was in high school. It confused me more than it bothered me.

I hear you on the making friends thing, too.


The irony for me was that it never bothered me but then when I WANTED to be a lesbian I didn't get to be one. It even seemed so weird to me, like--how could I not be a lesbian? It sounded so easy. Heh.


You made me recall so much of my twenties with that entry. Fabulous! I had forgotten so much.

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