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I travelled to Europe twice on student loan money! A shame if other people can't get that same sort of education.

I think it would be really exciting to visit an ice museum.


I have a friend who has gone to the ice hotel in Montreal twice. He and his wife think it is the coolest . . . HAH. Pun totally intentional.


K: It's a damn shame! Really, those Republicans are ruining every great things about this country. I seriously want to move to Iceland but their letters are too fucking hard to pronounce.

Amazing fact: New Hampshire is colder than Iceland. I know because some Icelanders there were complaining to me about the cold.

Elizabeth: Hah! I'm so jealous! Somehow I've got to get myself up there. Before the whole ecological catastrophe thing hits.


Also...I know some of the links don't work but I can't fix them right now!


Hey! I live in New Hampshire-- it's friggin' balmy!

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