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There are no normal moms who remember all the safety and health stuff. Okay, well my mom was, but that didn't work out so well for our mental health in the end. Drink espressos and make sure all your knives are dull!


Not only am I not worried about her-- I KNOW she is so lucky to have Bohemian mom-- THE. BEST. KIND. Bohemian mom rules.

And yes, I grew up in suburbia (have the vacuuousness to prove it) and had rats nests so bad at the nape of my neck that I once CUT the whole thing out with scissors-- i was in like 2nd or 3rd grade and had no idea I'd just cut a big hole in the back of my head until I was on the school bus and the kids were making fun of me.

Why didn't my mom notice the rats nest or the gaping hole . . .? Perhaps she was trapped in her own suburan nightmare.


"Is there any chance she can still grow up to be a doctor?"

Yes. My mother was the uber-bohemian mom -- too cool to be a hippie, too feral to be normal. Rat's nests, creative clothing, caffeine (and nicotine and alcohol), bare feet ...

But do you really WANT her to be a doctor? My mom still thinks I'm crazy for having done it.


Oh yes, there are more suburban children with rat nests in their hair out there.

When I was in fifth grade, my hairdresser spent 45 minutes untangling the nest at the nape of my neck. When she was through, my mother told me that if that ever happened again she'd chop my hair off herself (again.)

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