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grudge girl

I refuse to believe that this is it. There is no way that this is my life, for good. This poverty, tiny-house, struggling life. I have to believe we will be able to do better for our kids, and not have to run to my parents every time there's an unforseen economic disaster.

It bothers me that Ethan's already 11, and he's been in this house now for like almost 1/2 his life. I'm afraid we won't get into a place that isn't a delapidated embarrassment until he's in college. I worry about it daily. God. It sucks.

Things can still happen.


I never cared about the green all that much until kids, either. It's okay if YOU don't have the best of everything or even the mediocre of everything, but with children, it's like they will only be this person at this age once and will only have THIS moment in time to suck all the good they can out of life — just once. Does that even make sense?

I hate to think that I somehow messed them up because they didn't have the same advantages as other children. So yes, having lots and lots of money seems to matter much more after you have kids, IMO.

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