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robin j.

this was hilarious and i sadly identified with too much of it. including switching to short stories in hopes that i would be able to get more sleep.


You may be thinking'Law & Order-Criminal Intent' Vincent D'Offrio
(I spelled that wrong) plays a detective with OCD. He also played the bug in 'Men in Black', excellent.


Good lord, I could have written this when I was in grad school. I always felt like I was in the shadow of this anvil, that would drop on me if I didn't keep up, and any time I did anything that wasn't working on studio I could hear the rope beginning to fray.

Still, I read voraciously-- I committed myself to reading The New York Times every weekday, because a professor had enjoined us to stay informed. I always had at least one novel or non-fiction of the scientific/spiritual sort going, and missed my subway stop because I got lost in a story.

If I ran out of new books, I began to twitch and read anything available-- ticket stubs, instruction manuals, sugar packets-- until I broke down and started re-reading old favorites. I could stay up all night to finish a book I'd already read twenty times.

I'd console myself by thinking, "At least I'm not wasting my time watching TV. Everything is fodder for the creative mind."

Then I'd stagger off to school and sleep through class.

miss pinkerton

this entry is brilliant. I'm only an undergrad, but I already need crazy tactics to curb my internet-addiction.

...but really, I just came here to ask you if your blog's name is a tribute to the band Ozma or a reference to the Album by the Melvins, or finally an allusion to the wizard of Oz. Every time you leave a comment over at I Blame the Patriarchy, I wonder about it. So I finally came here to get to the bottom of the mystery (and forgive me if this is a stupid question, or worse yet, one that's already been asked and answered.)


That Feeling is overwhelming me right now. I'm not sure if i'm cheered up or not by reading this... because I really should be straightening out my bibliography this VERY minute.


Are you thinking of Inspector Morse? It's a murder mystery set in Oxford. Available on Netflix.


Can totally relate! With a mound of reading to do in order to prep for my next lecture, what the hell am I doing online?!

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