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aaaahhhh! welcome to the fold, dear girl, welcome to the fold.

might i suggest Babe next? Stuart Little--also pretty awesome. (yes, I am luring you deeper).

seriously, as long as they are not spending huge amounts of their time dormant and passively viewing shit, i see no problem with it at all. in fact (academically) i challenge the "reading = active/ t.v. = passive" binary. depends on book. and show being watched).

also a huge Charlotte's Web fan.

Do you have an e-mail address? I have an invite for you...


Thanks Schmutzie! I joined. I'm in the 'in crowd' now.


Well, when I was young I was a HUGE fan of "The Dark Crystal"-- a film made by Jim Henson's production company, back in the 80's (actually, I'm still a huge fan-- this movie has a lot to do with my choice to work in theatre crafts.)

It's an adventure story, with truly amazing puppetry, and a lovely production design by Brian Froud. It deals with questions of ecology, ideas of duality (good and evil, and the blurring of the line between), even issues of race and class-- but not in an overt way-- these themes are all intrinsic to the story.

I don't know how old your daughter is-- some of the scenes may be a little scary, though if she can handle the heartbreak of Charlotte's death she can probably handle anything in this film.


I would suggest the Lion King. Betrayal and death. Its one of my favorite movies too. i cant wait until my son will actually sit down and watch a whole movie with me, because that is the 1st one on my list.

I also liked Finding Nemo.

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