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I love popping corn in a deep saucepan on the stove. It's fun-- a hell of a lot more interactive than pushing a button and waiting around to see if you smell burning. And the popcorn is, well, it's like the difference between the tomato that comes in a MacDonalds salad with one fresh from the vine and still warm from the sun. AND, microwave popcorn is too freaking expensive, and sometimes I don't want to make such a big serving at once, but they've determined your portion size already. It's wasteful.

They're trying to make us all fat and placid.

Wow. I guess I have strong feelings about popcorn.


My deep and profound love of popcorn is too long a tale to go into here-- but DAMN they are trying to take popcorn off the market because people have figured out the sham that is microwave popcorn???

It's the small things that break me-- gah.


Thank you for exposing the evils of microwave popcorn. I never realized that the microwave popcorn phenomenon is so closely tied to capitalism. That only reinforces my thoughts that microwave popcorn is truly a terrible, terrible thing. And when the end of the world comes, I will know what to blame. PopSecret, I have your number.

Jennifer Cascadia Emphatic

I'm sure you can transcend the primeval horde if you put you mind, heart and soul into it.


It lightens my heart to know that others understand the violation of the soul of popcorn that is microwave popcorn in its current evil form.

It doesn't have to be this way. We can fight for change.

Julia Angelina

Um, I love you. I've spent the entirety of my day at my crappy job (though at one of those hippie stores) thinking about how capitalism does exactly, suck the life force out of me. Dragging my feet, thinking I'm sick or something, but then when I go outside I realize I feel fine, I just hate the system, maaaaan. But seriously, I do. With a bleeding, fiery passion.
What to do, what to do. I guess I could write humorous essays about my weirdo thoughts and reclaim my right to grow my own damn food.
And laugh, of course. What a scream! Microwave popcorn! Ha ha!


privet [email protected]


Is another evil of capitalism the fact that you even have a stove? What a hypocrite.




Capitalism is over. We entered Imperialism long ago. It started after Ronald Regan ended his presidency.
United States and his allies are the largest imperialist countries.
The last known era by historians and philosophers is Imperialism. There is no other era known after that. It does not mean that it will be the end of the world.
It is just plain history that repeats itself. There was always an empire. An empire grows up to a peak and then it collapses. The collapse can come from many reasons. Most of the big empires collapsed due to corruption and greed.
Let’s look back in to history. Roman Empire collapsed due to corruption. Russian empire collapsed due to the Red Revolution. French Empire collapsed due to Napoleons greed to concur the Russians. And so on the world will turn around and another empire will rise.
The nations of the world take turns. Great Brittan, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Iraq, China, Japan were all empires. All of them turned in to small and very civilized countries.
Alexandra Macedon concord the world. Now Macedonia is a small country.
In other words they shrank and turned civilized. Now it is the turn of the USA.
USA is rising and rising until a peak point. Then it will collapse and another country will take over to lead the world. The universe is in constant creation and destruction.
How long USA will lead? I don’t know. Corruption and greed in the government and private sector is very high in the USA. If it can not be controlled the USA will collapse. The collapse can come from many directions and it can not be avoided.
It is just plain repeating history. Every nation has its chance to rule the world.


John Gilbert

Capitalism is evil because the person who registered the domain name before Michael Moore did wants to sell it for 1 million dollars. Now that's evil.


Internet is written with a capital letter within the sentence, if that. And not a few hundredths of a point and a semicolon. This is standard. And since all good, just вэри gud!


Informative, but not convincing. Something is missing, and what do not understand. But I will say straight out:, bright and benevolent thoughts.,


I would have to confess: I am among those who are participating in the demise of non-microwave popcorn. I do so by not buying it--an a smaller demand makes it less profitable, which in turn discourages people from buying it.

But there's hope: I don't really buy microwave popcorn as well! In part, because my daughter has allergies to milk, but also in part, because I don't eat that much popcorn in general. Thus, I'm working on the demise of microwave popcorn, too.


Capatalism is evil because it is based upon exploitation,coersion and the destruction of nature,meaning therefore the destruction also of natural rights.The natural right of individual susistance via the natural commons has been replaced with what is essentialy the conditional privalidge of survival.It was not that long ago that the accsess to the common means of survival,ie land,water,food,''fom the land''air,sunshine et,was a right possessed by all humans.Today thanks to capatalism,the average person must in essence ''earn''his or her accsess to every natural means of survival,except the air and sunshine ! If the capatalist find a way to commodify those two natural commons,the common people will then find themselves earning even the right to breath and benifit from the sunshine !This is why capatalism is evil !

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Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.


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