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How do we know you're NOT the sexy crouching lady?

Jennifer Cascadia Emphatic

How do we know what we know?


What DoctorMama said.

Also, do you have that fur-covered bedroom in the one set of pictures? That ROCKED. I've always wanted mohair up the wazoo.


Not sure if you're aware of this, but "omodern" is Swedish for something that is no longer modern (is "dated" the correct word here?). And yes, they are indeed objects of ridicule, or at least satire and sarcasm.


Dated, yeah. I love dated. I'm now trying to buy an entire 1970s kitchen set. Is that wrong?


And thanks for telling me about Omodern. If you do ever return here, I am curious if O is the same/similar the prefixes non or un?


It is, actually. O in Swedish most times means exactly the same as un- or non- in English. And 1970's kitchens are the new big thing, from what I hear. Go for it! And post pictures!


OH MY GOD STINE. You read my mind. I'm searching for 1970s kitchen cabinets even as we speak.

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