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YES! YES! Finally, someone addresses the questions that have been haunting me for what seems like years! Thank you! Now, someone please answer them.

slouching mom

ozma, you're back. and may i say in fine form! contented sigh.

Clio Bluestocking

Did he love her because she DID NOT look like the prom queen? Did they end up divorced, caught in a nasty custody battle, and bringing younger, hotter dates with them to family court?

Oh, Ozma! You are back! Yea!


I hope ya'll read the posts. I will link to the real story but you gotta click through to the link.


I just love that I am not the only one who has, despite my best efforts to ignore the marketing, been concocting a deep psychological novel about those two characters.

Yes. Yes. YES. Speak to me, Ozma.

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