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I think I'm greedy about books. But sometimes I get them out of the library. Which mitigates.


Yeah! That's right! I was envying you your books.

I need books for work so for a period I would plunk down lots of cash. Then I realized I simply could not afford the books I need. So I too have to resort to the library.

I used to read regular non work-related books. Man, those were the days.


I think I'm greedy about beauty too, but more the beauty of my surroundings rather than personal beauty--although I care about that too.


I am greedy for neat visual details and books that represent certain important things in my life. As if having my ideal library will solve all of my problems, because, see there? I have the book!

I am trying to slowly retrain myself to back off on them both. The visual bits leads to a magpie nest of an office, and there's only so many books I need to have in my house. I still have lots of both. It's hard to give up the security blankets. Understand that I grew up in a household with way too much stuff, so my collection is modest in comparison.

I'm trying to nurture other things I am greedy for... like a calm and organized house. With, of course, neat visual details and books. Just. not. so. many.

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