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She had a post up briefly, explaining that she was going out of town to visit her family for a week, and was going to lock it so that she could visit with full peace of mind. She said it'll start back up when she returns. All better!


Oh, OK. Thanks.

That's always such an exciting moment of drama when you go to a person's site and IT'S ALL CHANGED. Or maybe even DISAPPEARED!

It's like they died or something and you want to send them a condolence card but you can't because they are gone forever.

I leave the links up for years, actually. I always think they'll come back again. And sometimes they do--like AWB...

A White Bear

I ain't dead! I'm back! Sorry to be so mysterious. Of course, now you've made me wonder what it would be like if I died. Would someone else have to log into my blog and post that I was dead? That would be sad. I've seen a few posts like that on other blogs, and it's horribly sad. And then I start wondering if people would write nice comments about me, and then I realize that's really morbid and I should just go to bed instead of thinking about it. Good news, though; I just left town! Plus, if I did quit for some reason, I'd still answer your emails!


Yeah, there's always the possibility of faking your death and then it would be like watching your funeral.

The crazy thing about the internet is the ephemoral nature of it though. Everyone seems to forget you. I try to resist this by never de-linking people. So that I can remember them. In all their absent electronic presence.

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