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slouching mom

I don't know. But if you do find such a job, will you consider job-sharing with me?

Oh, and BTW: I TOTALLY wasted my graduate school years. You see, I didn't get that they were supposed to be the EASY years.


I have an easy job. Because I've been there for oh so long. But I'm bored. And I don't have an office. And I need a sabbatical.


You should have found out where he was working and applied for the job he was quitting. :)
I remember those grad school days. When my husband was in grad school, we would lounge around on our porch swing, and watch daytime TV (but not on the porch) and entertain friends almost every night.


I jut started reading your blog today (came over from a comment on Real Mental) I love this list. If you find a company hiring such position please do let me know. I think I could be OK being a "kept woman" but then my husband would probably be an arrogant infidel - sheesh I am sure I would not want that either. Love reading your posts. I am sure I will be back soon.


If you find this job, sign me up too, please. I definitely need to make a change in the employment category.

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