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slouching mom

you know, i would have said the EXACT SAME THING. my goal would have been trying to prevent *fear* when the balloon did indeed pop.


so, either we're both good parents, or we're not.

i vote good, if only to spare my feeling guilt about yet one more thing in my life.


and if they don't pop, they fly away out of reach into the sky when mommy opens the car door having forgotten all about the damned balloon. that's happened to me too many times, and always makes me feel like a bad parent.


Hell, we instituted a no-balloon rule on account of the Law of Balloons. But now they're ok, because I taught him how to silently assassinate a balloon by stretching its neck and cutting off the knot with scissors.

Maybe this means he will deal with the awareness of mortality by becoming a cutter a la Secretary, but at least he enjoys balloons again.

Sorry to deflate (ha!) your sense of self-loathing, but I have heard of worse things parents do.

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