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Seriously, no Ozma until October? This calls for chocolate.

I would have made an excellent librarian. Anal to the core, sad to say. It's troublesome sometimes, but at least it means all our kids' puzzles and games still have all their pieces. BY GOD.


I think no Ozma 'til October calls for a beer to cry into.

Dr. Medusa

I should be disappearing from online and most other worlds in order to work on my promotion and tenure portfolio, due in a little over a month. Ayyyyyyy! In any case, good luck with your work and I will look forward to sordid month.


Damn, I wish I had talked to you before I got my library degree. You nailed what it's all about -- not about the books, but about the organizing and finding of the books, which isn't nearly as interesting.

Looking forward to Sordid Month!

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