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cripes ozma shopping like that (nordstroms in my case) always makes me feel pretty much the same. that part of the post was exquisitely written.

but that third to last paragraph caught my heart in my throat. please tell me that's not true.


It's hard feeling so stuck when the real estate rules changed. Here's to feeling a little more hope and space to breathe. Do you need to check in with someone re: the death thoughts?


Thank you. I will be OK. Clearly, I have a problem but it is fine. I will explain at some point.

I'm regretting that I didn't spend any time editing on this because dude, this was so prescient and I wrote it before the BIG collapse...I swear to God I am so crazy because I am sad for this American way of life that I also can't stand and believe is making the Earth unfit for human life, etc. There's something weirdly touching and childlike about American consumer spending--like a kid wanting candy. Then you are sad when a kid can't have candy even though candy is not good for a kid.

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