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slouching mom

Ahhhh... Ozma, she is back.

A White Bear

That idea is genius, ozma. You could make an absurd amount of money opening one in midtown Manhattan. Tourists, businesspeople, cab-drivers, students---they'd all come in and you could offer a clean comfortable bathroom, relaxing music, a little room with a cot for naps, a counselor to hear out the heartbroken, etc. I imagine someone willing to sew up a torn hem could be in there, offering the Jack and Advil. Visitors could spend $10 just to have an hour alone with the holy book of their choice. A killing, ozma. A killing.

Yer hubby

Sorry, forgot to tell you about the ads. I did that.


Yer hubby's messing with you. I'm kind of appalled that they're all ads for police or law enforcement school. I guess it's the murder reference.


I have a pain store! It's at - imagine that! The thing is, having been in pain myself since 1999, I know pain - and my lovely pain doc is helping me make this happen. Please, by all means, check it out and tell me what you think. :) Opening a store in midtown would be great, but unfortunately, I am a little far away to do that just yet. Maybe one day, and I'd for sure consider you for manager! :) Heather

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