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I do feel sorry for the parents of this child. I have a friend in the same situation with her parents. Her brother once lived in a storage unit. He lives and/or smokes crack in her parents attic. She is terrified that he will set the house on fire. Yet her parents will not listen to any intervention. I know that people on the outside looking in can not connect, can not understand the bond that a parent has with a child. Good post, though I feel your pain. Everyone screws up, don't beat yourself up too hard. Take a mental health off from work. Believe me, they will not go under.


You are being featured on Five Star Friday!


I often think of the stories I would or would not tell with or without my anonymity. It's a strange blade we slide on.

Margaret (Nanny Goats)

This post struck a chord with me because my latest post brings up the issue of being 50 or 60 and still mooching off their parents.

Also, I have family members who have pilfered, swindled, etc. their parents' entire fortune and the parents therefore have a very sucky last few years of life.

Perhaps your ability to blog anonymously is helping you from going more crazy than you feel you already are. If so, keep writing - you write so well.


We have a few of those in my family. Except it's not just a financial drain, it's an emotional well-being drain. Or both, in turns. Anyway.

I get you.

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