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I adore Star Wars. I'm a certified fanatic. I have the toys, I can quote the movies, I have COSTUMES.

I couldn't wait to show my son Star Wars when he turned five, and now he's totally obsessed, too. It's so nice to be the go-to parent for questions about how certain spaceships work, or how to make a wookiee voice.

I intend to convert my daughters, as well!


You can make the wookie voice?!?!?!

I am soooo jealous.

And you know how the spaceships work!


I called them "light savers" too. I was obsessed with Star Wars as a kid, and my mom never bought me the stuff, so it wasn't the marketing.

But you know, I have high free testosterone, so maybe that bolsters the other theory.

We used to break the arms and legs off Barbies; the torsos were "angels" and the legs were all named Lulu. We used to sing, "I'm Lulu the Leg and I don't need any BODY!"


Lulu the leg!!! I love that!!! Yeah, it wasn't a Barbie unless it could fly. Tornados would always hit Barbieville. I had the Malibu Barbie beach van and you know about tornadoes and trailer parks--the weather always caused the Barbies to fly hither and yon.


we've only dipped into myths a little - i may have to get that book. do you know the Marzollo books, like Let's Go, Pegasus!


I might know another young lady who would worship there.


jdg: Definitely--the little Medusa! Seriously though, have you seen any signs of this? Has she ever gone polytheist on you?

Magpie--That's a really funny name for a book--Let's Go Pegasus sounds like a Travel Guide.

OK, checked it out on Amazon. She will LOVE it. The Medusa story is one she always makes me read. She told me the other day that she thought Medusa got the way she did because her mother drank wine and smoked cigarettes when she was pregnant. (The issue of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is from a Simpsons I let her watch at Grandma's where Marge had a drop of wine and Bart mutated. A YEAR ago and she still remembers it. Simpsons definitely leaves a mark in her brain.)

She's a big fan of Athena. She actually might be insulted that I joked about a temple of Hera and not Athena. I think she would probably build a temple to Athena.

I've totally turned my kid into a polytheist. I wanted her to be a monontheist. DAMN IT!

Also, have you seen these:

Myths are NOT for kids. Medea KILLS HER BROTHER AND DUMPS HIM INTO THE SEA. OK, this book IS for kids. Seriously, please tell me that anything she could watch on TV would even come CLOSE to being that bad.


There are, that I know of, two more Marzollo books - one about Pandora, and one about a bear constellation. They are divinely charming.

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