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Go for it.

Jenny, Bloggess

Just do it. Or adopt an Ethiopian baby. Isn't that what Edwina would do?


Ha ha ha ha. Edwina would plan to adopt an Ethiopian baby. I think I really want to adopt an Ethiopian baby.

I asked an Ethiopian person I know what they thought about this and for some reason they were horrified. I was too embarrassed to press for details. Is it because (a) they don't like adoptions there (b) they don't like Americans barging in and taking away their babies (c) there is some horrible baby trade that I don't know about.

The problem with adopting an Ethiopian baby is that I don't know enough about the culture and don't know the language and so on so maybe there is some problem I can't foresee. But the places where I know the culture more and language are hard to adopt from.

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