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This is a meme? I don't think so. I don't know what's for dinner, much less a month or three from now.


Ha ha ha ha ha. Heck, you don't have to know what's for dinner to make grand crazy plans for the future...

Hm, though--you are right. I wonder what is un-memelike about it?

I always mess up the meme structure but is there not meme potential?

Hey man, don't look at me--I'm just passin' it on.

Maybe this is: Meme for people in crisis. Like: How do you plan to save yourself? A very specialized kind of meme.

Alright: I concede meme fail.


If the pace of your life is anywhere near the pace of this post you must have the energy of a hummingbird. I'm exhausted.


Mark, my email is not set up but I read your blog and my comment is:

Massive amounts of love. If there is a hell, then I just can't see how a person who is a giant huge ball of love could possibly end up there. So that's one way to cover your bases, just in case.


It's always good to have options. Thanks.


You inpired me with this post to write an entire post of my own about bad pants and clutter, so you accomplished something!

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