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That's great - and Jane's fun in real life too.

Jane @ Beach House

Thank you for the intro - I am not worthy! I'm pleased you like Andrew Geller's work - I think it's awesome but I'll admit bias. You make it all sound so much fun but there are the doubt moments too - sometimes I think we'll never finish and even more awful, that we're making it worse... and just occasionally that I'd swap it all for a condo with a doorman and a super!
And Magpie - thanks, too ::waving::


Love Jane! And yes, she is a fixer-type... I especially love the post about the pool vent. Did she forget to mention how lovely her pool is?

And the royalty!!!????

laura @ the shorehouse

Great to see Jane here, and learn a little bit more about her. As for, "enthusiastic amateur"...I strongly disagree. This lady's pro all the way.


Great interview. I love to learn a bit more about my blog friends.


Beach House is one of my favorite blogs. Jane is being too modest, she is extremely knowledgeable in all things design, arts, architecture and a whole lot more. Beach House is a constant source of information and inspiration! Great interview.

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