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oh, NO! say it ain't so! well. if you do move, please take me with you?


If you ever leave this particular address, you HAVE to tell me where you're going.

Also, six-and-nearly-a-half years into blogging anonymously, and no has cared to ferret out who I actually am. Is it strange that this makes me feel less loved? Of course, I'm slowly coming out of the blogging closet anyway, so I've kind of removed the fun from it.


Yeah, what they said. If you go somewhere, tell me. Please?


Sure y'all. Like last time, I just re-link to my peeps and comment again. I'm one of those specialist bloggers, on account of my extreme weirdness. You would probably guess it was me, and I would tell ya anyway.

Some of my peeps vanished from the internet but there are some hardened veterans of the First Great Blogwar there on the sidebar. That seems like a lifetime ago.

I have this theory about blogging personae. At least for me, each blog channels something and it's weird but you actually can't always get back what you were channeling with a new blog...I guess that is kind of good, too.

I really should be raving about politics, honestly, but I want to have another kid. I'll probably just face the same problem I did before where I have a kid and then politics will be too much in the post-partum period. It seems wiser to wait until I get over my hyper emotional mothering phase before I start a new blog.

Schmutzie--well that's lucky. But you aren't as paranoid as me. I count anyone...even the most random people. Because Palinode posts non-anonymously, then people who know you would know. But it's the people who know me that I'm especially interested in having not know. Only my husband has ever known.

I've been blogging since 2002.

I guess I should count myself lucky because I doubt there is still any way for my family to find out, which would be totally devastating.



Well, don't go too far.

That's interesting, blogs and how they work. I never could keep a diary (Dear Diary: Today was fun! was my diary entry for, no lie, a year straight) but there's something about the bounceback you get from blogging, even if there aren't any comments.

Jane @ Beach House

I was hoping Canada could extend southwards so I could live there without getting cold... also funny the people you run into commenting on OPB (other people's blogs) - Hi Maggie!


Ah ha Jane but that's just the thing. Not all of Canada is cold. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. Damnit though--I am stuck in the U.S. forever now unless some miracle happens.


what they all said..dont move without leaving a forwarding address. I had the same problem too, which is why my new blog is no longer anonymous. Cons? I can no longer freewheel down the keyboard. Pros? This is becoming a lovely way of keeping in touch with friends.
So, think'bout it


No please do not leave , I started out as an academic and with a divorce and two children to support combined with NO job prospects led me to leaving academe. Sometimes when I read your blog I feel as though I am experiencing deja vu with the thoughts inside my own headl

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