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Oh damnit there was a glitch on the site where the same post had been posted about 10 times and when I tried to delete all the extra posts, I lost a mean comment. DAMMIT. My first snarky comment ever.

It said something like 'Why don't you take your kid out to a museum or something instead of letting her watch so much TV.'

Which is a GOOD SUGGESTION. THANKS commenter 'me.'


I just loaded the sound track to Hair onto the kid's iPod. And then had the pleasure of listening to her sing along to Hare Krishna in the backseat. Clearly I am trying to cultivate a small hippie. Though the Partridge Family might have to be next...


I don't even know what I am trying to accomplish! I find a weird enjoyment in giving my kid this totally wacky and non-standard set of cultural references but I'm not totally doing it on purpose--it just sort of happens. Often she is getting to know about things that are interesting. And it was just a coincidence that a cartoon about the Trojan War was her favorite cartoon when she was 3. But I admit I find it amusing. Also, she does have a wide frame of reference and curiosity about the world. It's a little bit good for her.

Honestly, I think reading Calvin and Hobbes and Doonesbury when I was a kid played a huge role in my intellectual development.

So her Saturday morning cartoons are Rocky and Bullwinkle and Fraggle Rock. We don't even really know what's really on TV these days.

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