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Juli Ryan

When I complained about American politics or the American way of life, I was often told that I was "un-American". And I did feel a bit pretentious. But I love uniforms!


Well, a lot of Americaness is sheer garbage. I want to get others to refuse to embrace it unthinkingly and I know there are others who are very dissatisfied with it but we're all too afraid to say so.


I wish I remembered either the name of the designer or the outfit-- it'll probably come to me later. when I have no access to a computer-- but back in the thirties a male Italian designer developed a one-piece jumpsuit that would end the vicious cycle of fashion once and for all. It wasn't a bad looking suit-- I could picture Isabella Rosellini wearing it (she has a fondness for communistish fashion.)

I bet you could find a picture of it online. If I ever get free of my current, rather restraining circumstances, I might even be willing to make you one . ..

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