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I have met in person about a dozen of the bloggers I have followed and become friends -- in a couple of cases close friends -- with eight of them. And in every single case, who they are in the flesh is the person I'd felt I'd come to know on the computer. Well, there were a couple of surprises in terms of the actual flesh. But not in terms of the spirit. It surprised me the first two or three times.


Pettiness, peevishness, self-absorption-- no denying I have those traits from time to time (particularly the latter; hence the blogging, in some part.)

I'd add neurosis to my version of your list-- because now I'm worried that you perceive me as so laden with those bad traits that you've decided never to link to either of my blogs.

I'm going to go do some deep breathing and get over it.
images of koi swimming gracefully around lotus blooms . . .


Really? I wonder if I am not reinforcing certain traits on my blog. I have a blog that I kept for about 3 years before this one--completely, completely different tone. It was all parody and light harded and funny and political. Completely tongue in cheek--almost every post.

It's like when I switched pseudonyms, I switched personalities/characters. I guess that's why I wonder about which aspects are revealed in writing in different contexts.

It's an odd mirror. I think that's why it fascinates me.


It's perfect that we are able to receive the loans and this opens new chances.


Aw heck no Roo--BLAME TYPEPAD. Half the time they are down, they don't upload what I want. I swear I tried to add you to my list.

You have typepad so you must have noticed how bad they suck.

Anyway, going to add you now!!!!! :)


Thanks for the linky-love, ozma. Typepad does indeed suck big donkey dick from time to time. They're like that old boyfriend with all the bad personality traits that you're scared to ditch for some unknown new boyfriend who could be even worse. And of course, there's the issue of moving all your stuff out of the old place. Ugh.

I also know what you mean about pseudonyms--
names are important. They bring up associations. Even when those names aren't real.

I like yours, ozma.


I just remembered that another blogger (Oral Hygiene Queen) described me after our meetup, and she WAS surprised:

"Her blog voice is bold and she doles out advice with great confidence, and somehow this led me unconsciously to expect her to be a larger physical presence. It then occurred to me that DoctorMama herself is not intimidating in the way I expected her to be. It dawned on me that some of my nervousness about this meet-up was occasioned by my perception of DoctorMama as supremely confident and in command (of herself and consenting others). This was a little exciting (I think I had the notion that at some point DM would set me straight on some essential point of living or thought), but also a bit scary. In person, however, DoctorMama is quite approachable and unassuming. She is recognizable as the author of her blog, certainly, a level-headed person with a clear self-perception and firm opinions, who is witty and articulate. But for all that, she's not the least intimidating."

So maybe I should tone it down a little. In fact, I'm going to.


I like that mirror aspect to blogs, where you see yourself and this is interesting DrMama because you get another person to mirror your blog to you.

One way my blog gets mirrored to me is that people rarely see when I'm kidding and take me seriously. But then I learn something from that, as well.

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I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.


Glad to know that there's an individual out there that definitely understands what he's discussing. Great job.

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