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I like the "black dog" euphemism. What about ... friend of the black dog? Familiar with the black dog? Taking the black dog for a walk?


WOW. Leave it to you to come up with a totally AWESOME euphemism. Also, it sounds bad ass. Almost like a drug street name. Like 'riding the white horse.' That's exactly what I was looking for. Taking the black dog for a walk.

PERFECT. So perfect. Woman, you are *good.*


I'm fond of the "I'm nuts" label, but I'm new to all this.

I did have an occupational therapist tell me that if i ever should tryy to have a child (contra-indicated by some of my medications) that I should use some donor egg, because, you know, bipolarity if genetic, and she wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I'm not sure if she took the next step in her thinking-- that I should never have been born. I did it for her.

But I'm new to this stuff. Well, new to the diagnosis, anyway. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. Lithium salt, if you've got it.


Roo--oh, that's such BS. What the hell? Occupational therapist telling people not to reproduce! Geez Louise, what next!

Also, stupid. Bipolar disorder? I mean, it's not picnic but I'm sure plenty of people with bipolar disorder have better lives than other people. It's not determinative. BIPOLAR DISORDER? Now, schizophrenia, I could see...maybe.

In both cases the odds are really, really low anyway. STUPID PEOPLE RUIN EVERYTHING.


Thanks, Ozma,

Maybe I'll ignore my stupid OT and take my big black dog out for a nice long walk (Thanks, Tuckova-- that really is a good one.)


Wow, taking the black dog for a walk. That's really good. I'm using that from now on, it has a lot more panache and, oh, I don't know - verve maybe - than "I'm feeling depressed."

I've noticed that people who aren't depressed don't generally believe it's a real thing, anyway, and don't pay much attention. But if they hear "taking the black dog for a walk" maybe they'll look at it differently.

Nah. Probably not.


Also, how cool was it that Roger Ebert linked to your post Raise My Child? I've been reading your stuff for years and now I feel justified doing it. Legitimized? WTF is that word I'm trying to find? Another problem with walking the black dog. Focus flees. Fleas.
Meh. Nevermind.

Juli Ryan

Well, I like what the French called this sort of thing in the 19th. La douleur or la melancolie. But without the opium. Probably.


After reading a few of your posts I have come to the conclusion that if you are crazy then I must be crazy too, though I'm not as eloquent about it.We live in a crazy world so you probably have to be stupid to be sane if that's any consolation.


I like 'la doleur.' By the way--Isn't it crazy you can name a kid Dolores? Pains? Agonies? This is my child--'Suffering.'

Yay, Cathy. Misery loves company. Stupid to be sane--kinda like cruel to be kind. I do like that. One movie I loved was 'King of Hearts.' All the crazy people are sane, the sane people are killing each other in a war.

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