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Is it too late to go to Europe instead of the Caribbean? Might be a good place to get out of your head, and lots of potential for fun/new experiences for the little one.

I'm assuming the vacation is a foregone conclusion, so perhaps we can talk about getting the most head-cleansing benefit from it.


Can I come? I have three staggering tax bills due next month, and I'm broke. But the Caribbean sounds excellent. And necessary. Really.


Sandals Beaches has nice family oriented vacation spots in the Caribbean now. Haven't tried one but they look fun and I'll bet the price is right due to the tanked economy and general lack of vacation bucks.
I think you are on the right track for mental health. F*ck everything else.


come sail away. ...

If anyone ever sounded like she needed a tropical vacation, it's you. I don't know if my benediction will add up to anything in the panoply of others' opinions we all carry around in our heads, but, well, I approve.

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