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I think your last line applies to my kid too - she's very dramatic, and says "I fart in your general direction" on a regular basis.


HAH. That's great!

She needs to watch Holy Grail. But I'm sure she'll take the whole thing seriously. Does your kid do that? She'll get scared at the flying bunny part.

I remember being 6 and thinking that Blazing Saddles was the funniest movie ever made in the history of ever though. So maybe I'll start out with that one.

She would definitely LOVE Young Frankenstein!

My problem was being forced to read Black Beauty in various different English dialects....She's got a few down OK but some are just hilarious geeky Monty Python imitator.


I have the Story of Pi on CD if you want it. Say the word and I'll do my bit to save the USPS. Or does it have to be tape? I was a little fuzzy on what you're asking for.
Or was that some giant metaphor I'll never understand? Feh. It's late and I'm dense.

For the future: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow is very intelligent and has a teen-aged protagonist. I suppose it's a fairly adult theme (replete with terrorists), the library said grade 10 and up but I would have liked it in the 7th grade. In a few years the tech in it will be old and I suppose won't hold up. I don't know. I loved it.
There's a fabulous series called "Tales of the Otori" by Lian Hearn. WONDERFUL adventure stuff, very well written and made to be listened to. Ninjas! Probably not good until 6th or 7th grade, either.


'me, a mom?'..yesh i have that feeling too..'me a wife? me?' but we are! isnt it wonderful?


you make me laugh. your kid sounds awesome, and the dried rice doesn't matter.

mark haddon's book is beautiful.

Debbie, i obsess

"...when I was young, we had to get up in middle of night, lick road clean, go to work while it was still middle of night, come home at midnight and our parents would thrash us to death with broomstick."


Let's Pretend? Remember those? I recently (as in, several months ago, I think, but I can never keep track of such mundane things as *when this-or-that* and blablabla) found a site where you can obtain a load of great old-record stories for free: And, seriously, it's been a dream come true. Jack listens to them for hours. Draws and paints and plays with toys and acts out the scenes while he's listening.

I'm i-obsess bc I couldn't take on the mommy -- thing, not for blogging, not for the life of me. It's been that way all along.

I can't tell you how good it is to hear you say these things.

(Though I did just try, didn't I. Oh, the humanity.)

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