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Good luck with the plan :)


Don't read all of those short stories. They're (mostly) too depressing. Stick to the cartoons.


Thanks Cathy.

Reality is so much more depressing than stories.

I just came on the internet to comment on my post about how I should not be on the internet.

I should not be on the internet. I just wanted to tell everyone that.


DAMMIT! Just when I discover your blogs, you're 'cutting back?' Just my luck...

At any rate, I first found you via a random RT on Twitter, which led to your 'Links' blog, then I fooled around with that URL to find this one.

I came for the Orion Slave Girl profile pic and stayed for the incredible, mesmerizing stories. I've been up and down both blogs since last night, but I am a sipper, not a gulper of blogs, so perhaps it's a good thing you'll be writing less; it'll give me time to catch up and get a better read on who you actually are.

Just know that I find your posts fascinating and undulating and a heck of a lot of fun.

You remind me of how blogging used to be for me, back in the good old days when the medium wasn't dominated by lists of how-to's and venomous sacks of political vitriol; it was largely a place of talking about one's life -- the good and the bad; the joyous and the heartbreaking; the eternal optimism and the gut-wrenching despair.

I appreciate you for that.


Oh and P.S.: As you mentioned, TypePad truly does blow major chunks. And thanks to another unfortunate commenter I read in one of your recent posts, I learned to copy this comment to the clipboard prior to attempting to sign-in and submit it, the process of which, of course, wipes the comment form clean. Ridiculous. Anyway, I managed not to share his frustration. All that to say, I can, and would be happy to assist you in moving your blogs to a new platform whenever you're ready to do so (and yes, I know how to do those "referral thingys").


Ozma, I hear you on the curmudgeonly front. I think I might need some more real-life friends too.

How to go about doing that, well, hmmm.

I guess I have a lot of solitary time to think that one through.

Good luck with your resolutions!


I tell you this in my head all the time but evidently have not committed it to pixel form: I think you are awesome. I love your blog and your comments give me reason to go on living. Or at least blogging. You should know that. You're funny and warm and smart and dark

You should also know that European honeybees are not the only pollinators! Not that CCD isn't a calamity, but there are native wasps and bees that are okay.

If you lived here, I would make you hang out with me.

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