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I actually named the tree in my front yard growing up, and considered it a close friend, so I'm the last person in the world who's going to think you're a weirdo for falling in love with a tree.


Well, I don't know if I fell in love with the tree. I just became very concerned about the tree's welfare. I want that tree to outlive me.

Maybe I'm weird about trees generally though. I think I might have a thing for trees. There was a tree outside my window where I lived 10 years ago and that tree used to make me happy in the morning. I'd look at the tree and feel happy.

I've got some freaky tree fetish perhaps.


Trees are special, it's the people who don't notice that are weird.


Freaky tree fetish, hm? Maybe you should ask your husband to bring some branches to bed. Though that sounds a little prickly and uncomfortable...

Juli Ryan

Your ancestors are probably Druids.

Debbie, i obsess

Trees are some of my best friends. My husband and I bonded over, among other things, our mutual adoration of trees.

We planted nearly thirty of them at our first house.

The redwood forest, in NorCal, is, to me, one of the finest places on the planet.

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