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Yes, bourgeois is an excellent put down. But who the hell is Naomi Watts?

Juli Ryan

Hey, I kind of object to that comment about Southern Ohio. Because Southern Ohio is my tangata whenua, and I used to be bourgeois.

I decided not to be anonymous on the Internet any more. It's boring, but it keeps me out of trouble. For the most part.


I've often had similar thoughts about the Midwest. But I have to admit, Ann Taylor makes me think more of occasionally dowdy professional wear than of sleeping with Naomi Watts.

I think I prefer your version.


I like you.

And I manage to say all kinds of potentially self-injurious things on the internet when I am not really anonymous. Just dump your shame at the door. It's kind of a heavy and wet thing, anyway.


i think it's particularly scary that we now have to defend our desire to remain anonymous, as if it's somehow ABERRANT. the normal and natural state of the human psyche is private.


I just found you and I wanted to say: regarding the Midwest, I so totally get it. I live in the Southeast, but only because my Mom escaped the Midwest. All my relatives are in Misery. I totally get it. Visiting them brings all these feelings and thoughts and observations I'd just rather forget about.

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