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Oh, hi!


LADY! Get back into goodreads; I need you. I am Lonely.

I am avoiding twitter. Comparisons to crack confirm my choice so far. It's not cause I'm better than it. It is because I am WEAKER.


Hi yourself magpie.

Goodreads! Maybe I can do that in moderation. Things where there are little blurbs in your email don't make me go bonkers...usually.

Oh, my, but I found the most amazing crazy foreign movies and TV shows on Hulu. So I'm not internet free. But it doesn't suck me in the same way.

OK, I should go to sleep but I'll go back on goodreads and see what's the haps.

Average Jane

I'm actually getting tired of Twitter, but it hasn't made me step up my blogging game - at least not yet.

I dumped my anonymity years ago and it really hasn't made any difference in my interactions with people. I just quietly put my name on my About page and kept doing what I'd been doing.

Juli Ryan

Ooo, I want a fancy ass website. But I also resent being chained to the Internet. How am I going to finish writing a book if I'm on Twitter all the time? I really think I was born in the wrong century.


i like your blog as-is, if my vote matters... for my money there is already plenty of glitz on the internet. we don't need more.


I like you however. I will say that the enormous upheavals in the world of Internet over the past six or so years have made it so that anonymity doesn't matter the way it did. I mean, every asshole has a blog.

I guess it depends on why you're anonymous.

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