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You know, the older you get, the younger you want to be. – John le Carré (birthday today)

Fwiw, I also devoured books for the same reason as you. And I secretly kind of love Steve Miller Band.


This is a beautiful post, ozma.

Maybe spiderwebs can be your madeleines. Well, hmm. Not that you should start eating them. But the imagery, the interstitial-ness of them, the weaving of past and present...

I read in Byatt at one point that girls like to feel sad sometimes. It makes them feel strong. I wonder if that's true.

Thank you for sharing your memories.


I had a "Love Is" eyeglasses case when I was seven. My eye doctor gave it to me with my new pair of Holly Hobby glasses, and I was deeply embarrassed by it, because it said "Love is... kissing" and had a picture of a boy and girl kissing on it.

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