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You write ...Afghanistan and why the U.S. so desperately needs to get out of Afghanistan..." that's the question I answer me so often, especially when I hear that another of our Aussie soldiers was wounded or killed. More: I wonder what do we Aussie's have to do with that country and why Kevin Rudd let our soldiers there? Who can understand the policy, the motives behind all this war shit? Me not! But maybe I am not smart enough or have not enough political knowledge, who knows. But thank you anyway for this very interested blog.


Dear Sue,

There is always a 'reason' called regional stability or some such nonsense. But it is rarely a good reason. Wars do not often lead to regional stability. It is in Australia's interest to some extent to not have Pakistan fall to militants and avoid a Pakistan-India nuclear confrontation. Of all the reasons to be in the war in Afghanistan, that is the best one. However, the problem again is that the war in Afghanistan likely inflames the militancy in Pakistan. (To be honest, though, of all countries Australia might be in the best position to stay out of everything.)

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