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1) I expected to be married with kids by now. Or, at least, not single.
2)I expected to be a pretty big deal in whatever career I'd chosen. (I'm so far not)
3)I'm really supposed to be famous by now.
4)Rich would have also been nice. But now I would settle for not living paycheque to paycheque.


Yes! I remember expect much more greatness than I have. And I am curious about the moment when that expectation faded--what happened? For me, one thing was that I picked a field where I felt inferior. For some perverse purpose, perhaps. But fame was out of the question, in my mind. I did not feel good enough.

Before that, I imagined some kind of fame.

And riches. Yeah, I guess I hoped for those.


Wow, what a tragedy. I wrote a long comment with four things I expected that was all erased when I tried to log in on twitter. It was like a miniature autobiography. I keep writing and losing autobiographies on the Internet. You should tell [email protected] that if you write a comment and then sign in, the form should save what you've written. Live and learn. This comment coulda been a contenda. It coulda had class.


Aw damn Anger Mouse. I hate that!


Well you *could* have made the Stanley/Blanche speech to the Girl Who Went to Orgies. I'm just sayin'.

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