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Funny - I had a "friend" all through college who was a very similar figure to me. She did exactly the same things as TGWWTO, except, no orgies - that I'm aware of. My sense was that I served the purpose of a real friend in private, and someone to put down to make herself seem better and brighter in front of others. She was like a sister as well, and there was a strong rivalry between us. I ALWAYS compared myself to her, like we were in a contest - except the contest was our lives.

Recently, she found me on FB, and I am disappointed to say, I can't stop. I still look at her and think - it's not fair! She treats people like crap and look where she is. The years have not been unkind to her like I'd always assumed they would be. So much for instant karma. Or, maybe it's all an act. Maybe she's become merely the image she cultivated so heavily in her younger days, and now she must keep it up, or be crushed under the weight of who she isn't inside.

Anyway, I often wonder how many people have someone like this in their lives? Perhaps Jung had something to say about this particular archetype? Someday I'll read the Red Book and find out!

Love your writing! Thank the gods for twitter, eh?


Friends at an Ivy League school used to talk about orgies, proposed having one, mostly to say they had, but none of them was ever willing to take their clothing off first so the proposed orgy never materialized.

Party with artsy friends, wine, everyone mellow, relaxed. Fellow starts kissing his girl. Somehow one person is attached to another to another, I'm seeing parts of people I certainly never expected to see and meanwhile, the conversation continues without interruption. I am in the middle of an orgy. I excuse myself. "I am tired" "But we are lonely" comes the protest. "You don't look lonely to me"

Was I foolish not to have joined?


Hah. I love that the Ivy League kids couldn't manage to do it.

No, you were not foolish to not have joined...I think we should go with our guts in those situations.

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