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Our Boom With a View

When Bush the first launched the first Iraq war I remember clearly siting o my couch watching it begin like an epsode of some HBO mini series and crying. Thinking how can any think that this is not wrong. Screw the politics. It's just wrong.

My dad was a WWII, POW, decorated veteran. He hated his war (although he believed it necessary) and these wars (which he felt were not). From him I learned a very profound truth about war. No one is ever the same. The people doing the real war will live with it forever and so will their children and it will be a cruel reality in all of their lives.

I don't know if we can stop the pointless evil mayhem either but I know first hand who it is hurting.

Our Boom With a View


It's utterly terrible. I think it is a crime, a literal crime. We freak out about a murder but this war was like murder on a massive scale.

All those lost lives. If you really just get in people's face with the horror of it, they think you are nuts. That's my point, basically.

Every single one of those people who are dead from this war should be alive now. They could be with their families. But they are dead. The shame of it, the waste. Let's just face it for a moment. That's all I ask. If Americans would look at it head on, then perhaps it would be harder the next time. Because there will be a next time.


I feel so strongly about what you've said here -- about not talking about the wars. It's the worst thing that's happening -- we're all involved. And yet, when you bring it up, people act like you've committed a faux pas. I think we're going to look back on this time as a very dark time, and we will feel sort of ashamed, collectively.

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