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Our Boom With a View

One of my partners on our blog wrote a piece about the state of things and well, how much terrible crap there is and how really it isn't new...well, she said it better. You might look at it. It's called Curmudgeon.

That being said and the LOST finale not withstanding I guess, in spite of everything, I still choose optimism. I still choose to believe that we can, will, and do save ourselves. It is and must be choice though- not a la-la-la don't worry be happy ethos.

In view of global tragedy and corruption and personal terror and fear as my darling child struggles with illness I guess I just must choose optimism. Maybe it goes back to my grandfather. He used to tell the story of the fears before the personal automobile came into being. The experts of the time were much afraid that, at the rate the world using horse driven carriage and cartage, the world would be covered in horse shit and horse carcasses. It was a very real fear. They had the math to back it up- it also didn't happen. The world changed as a result of these and other fears and innovators innovated and now we worry about the internal combustion engine instead of horse shit but, well, I need to believe that we will fix THAT with even newer problems and that the drive to keep fixing it is reason enough for my choice of optimism.

Clearly this is a simplified version but at the same time, in it's simplicity, it kinda says it all:

our narrow focus cannot be all there is. Our job as humans is to become better at being humans and as long as people somewhere are still working furiously on the horse shit problems I choose to be optimistic about their efforts. Maybe I need to be optimistic about their efforts.

As for the LOST finale- it was always about Jack.


Thank you for your comment. Reading it, I realize that I probably cannot be an optimist. But it would be sooooo nice.

But I can be hopeful. I hope so much your child will get better soon.

All talk about the finale is just propaganda--It wasn't always about Jack. They made that shit up at the end.

Just like they did with the Iraq war--saying it was all about regime change and democracy.

(I'm kidding, but this is the absurd reason the Lost finale pissed me off so much.)

Jo Chopra

I never watched Lost (I live in India), but I like the way you connect things. Amazing little essay. So much truth and wisdom in such a few short lines.

Josette at Halushki

HEY! Where are you? I'm missing you on Twitter and stuff. I'm sending out a search party!


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